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Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs (Video/Pictures)

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs (Video/Pictures)

Looking for the best insurance for your English bulldog? Look no further! I know how it can frustrating to find insurance for your English Bulldog.

Although the English Bulldog is a unique breed with beautiful features and a distinctive muzzle, the English Bulldog is just like any other breed of dog. They can be prone to health problems and chronic illnesses. While many of these conditions are treatable, treatment can be expensive.

However, insuring your dog makes veterinary services more accessible to dogs and their owners everywhere.

The English Bulldog is one of the most well-known dog breeds because of its small, muscular build. Also known as the British Bulldog and recently shortened to Bulldog by the AKC, these dogs were originally used to fight bulls and furs.

English Bulldog pet insurance cost

All British Bulldog owners know that their best companions, like most other breeds, are equally prone to unexpected accidents or illness.

Because emergency veterinary care is quite expensive, many British Bulldog parents take out pet insurance to protect themselves financially.

In this way, parents can get useful, life-saving care for their beloved dogs that they otherwise could not afford.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the best insurance for English Bulldog. Our in-depth guide looks at the most common health problems of English Bulldogs and the various factors to consider when choosing the right insurance to protect your pup and your wallet.

We also review several companies to provide you with our best recommendations so you can make the best choice for your family.

About English Bulldog

The bulldog originated in 13th century England, where a “sporting” fight called bullfighting was fought between a bull and a pack of harnessed dogs. When England outlawed the bloody sport in 1835, bulldogs were on the verge of extinction.

But bulldog enthusiasts turned the fighting dog into a companion dog and the AKC recognized the bulldog in 1886. The bulldog is the national symbol of England and the mascot of many sports teams, including Yale University and the University of Georgia. The bulldog is also the public face of the U.S. Navy.

Bulldogs are known for their friendly, gentle nature and even temperament, making them an ideal companion and guard dog for the family.

Bulldogs tend to be quiet and sometimes prefer to sit idle during the day, especially when temperatures rise, making them a popular dog breed among homeowners and apartment dwellers.

Bulldogs cannot tolerate hot weather, so the temperature of their living space must be carefully controlled. Fortunately, bulldog owners who live in hot climates do not need as much exercise as other breeds of the same size.

Most bulldog breeds must be born by C-section due to their large heads. It is advisable to choose a breeder approved by the American Kennel Club or Bulldog Club to avoid osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and other hereditary health problems that can occur in this breed.

The English Bulldog and the British Bulldog are the same breed of dog and should not be confused with the smaller French Bulldog.

English Bulldog Characteristics

The Bulldog is a muscular dog with a thick build, broad shoulders, and a short, slender body. The bulldog is easily recognizable by its wrinkled muzzle and short chin, also known as a brachycephalic breed. According to the breed standard, they should have a lower bite.

The color of the Bulldog can be brownish, black, white, red, or a combination of markings. The breed standard is 40-50 kg weight.

The Bulldog is an affectionate breed, known for its good relationships with children and other dogs. Most Bulldogs bark and growl when older, as their muzzles are short.

Bulldogs are not known for their intelligence or athletic ability. Rather, their charm lies in their loyalty and attachment to people.

They are notoriously stubborn and, let’s face it, a little lazy. However, this is partly due to the breed’s numerous health issues, which you should be aware of before choosing the bulldog as the right breed for you.

Why Pet Insurance for English Bulldog?

As a purebred dog, the English Bulldog has more genetic health problems than mixed breed dogs. Whether you have just adopted an English Bulldog puppy or already have an adult dog, each stage of an English Bulldog’s life brings new health risks.

The medical care your dog needs for common English Bulldog health problems should never be a financial decision. Our dog insurance covers injuries and illnesses, so you can tailor it to your budget and your English Bulldog’s needs.

Most of English Bulldogs owners pay between $55 and $75 per month for English Bulldog insurance. Depending on where you live and the excess you choose, you may spend more or less.

With insurance, your English Bulldog can visit any vet in the country, including emergency clinics and specialists. Your insurance will cover the costs of examinations, diagnosis, surgery, and hospitalization, including alternative and homeopathic treatments.

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Is it worth insuring your English Bulldog?

As a purebred dog, the English Bulldog has more genetic health problems than mixed breed dogs. Can you afford an unexpected $5,000 veterinary bill?

Four out of five pet owners can’t, and if this happens to you, dog insurance is a great way to protect yourself from the financial risks and costs associated with your dog’s health.

Like home insurance, it is a policy that you have but hopes you will not have to use. However, in the event of an accident or sudden illness, you will be reimbursed 70-90% of the cost of the vet (depending on the policy).

With dog insurance, you can be sure that your English Bulldog will receive the care it needs at every stage of its life.

That’s why dog insurance to cover medical expenses is often a lifesaver.

Common health problems in bulldogs

Bulldogs typically live for 10 to 12 years. But like all purebred dogs, they are genetically predisposed to certain health problems. The dog does not necessarily have to suffer from all or some of these problems.

However, the following health problems can give an idea of the symptoms and certainties to look out for.

Brachycephalic obstructive airway disease (BOAS).
All dogs with flat feet are at risk of developing the brachycephalic syndrome. This is a group of upper airway abnormalities caused by the shortening or flattening of the dog’s skull.

Their pointed nose and bulldog snout make them particularly susceptible to this disease. When these abnormalities occur, they can lead to secondary health problems affecting other parts of the body, such as the stomach.

Although medication can alleviate the problems, surgery is often necessary to improve the quality of life. Surgery for each defect can cost up to $1,000. But if your bulldog has more than one, it can cost several thousand dollars.

Hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia is a chronic condition in which the head of the femur does not fit properly into the hip socket. It is one of the most common orthopaedic conditions in dogs and is most common in large breeds.

Surgery is often necessary to improve the dog’s quality of life. This surgery costs between $1,700 and $4,500 or more, depending on the type of surgery.

Patellar Luxation
Patellofemoral dislocation (or knee dislocation) occurs when the knee joint is not in the correct position and moves as if it is dislocated. It affects mobility and symptoms include shaking, jumping, and impatience when moving.

In some cases, the knee joint may become dislocated and not move back into place. If this has happened, it is likely to recur. Often, surgery is the only way to improve the dog’s quality of life and prevent the problem from recurring.

The average cost of a Patellar Luxation is between $1,500 and $3,000 per knee. However, this price does not include the cost of diagnostics, pre-operative blood tests, post-operative care, and any complications that may arise during surgery. If your dog needs surgery on both knees, the bill could be very high.

Eye Disease
Bulldogs are prone to several eye problems. These include cherry eye, entropion, dry eye, and cataracts. Dry eye is the only one of these four problems that cannot be corrected surgically. The problem can be partially controlled with medication, but there is no cure.

How to know your bulldogs

The other three eye problems usually require surgery, which is not cheap.

  • The average cost of cataract surgery for dogs is between $2,600 and $3,800.
  • Cherry eye surgery costs between $1,300 and $1,600.
  • An entropion operation costs between $1,100 and $2,000.

Bloat in dogs is also known as gastric dilatation, gastric volvulus, or gastric torsion. This potentially fatal condition occurs when a dog eats too much or too fast. The build-up of gas in the stomach causes the stomach to expand like a balloon and rotate, cutting off blood flow to the stomach. If left untreated, it can lead to death within hours.

Because bloating requires immediate medical attention, the veterinary bill can quickly reach $3,000 or more. Treatment for your dog may include an emergency vet visit, electroshock therapy, anesthesia, surgery, overnight stays, check-ups, etc.

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Cost of pet insurance for English Bulldogs

Although bulldog insurance is more expensive than insurance for mixed breeds, this is due to the research and experience of insurance companies.

They know that some breeds are more prone to damage and the monthly premium is therefore higher. This is why bulldog owners should take out insurance so that they do not have to pay for it themselves.

Other factors that affect the price of bulldog insurance include where you live, how old your pet is at the time you take out the policy (older and younger dogs may require higher premiums), and whether your pet has a history of health problems.

The average monthly insurance premium for English Bulldogs can range from $24 to $100 or more depending on the insurance company.

Below is a summary of the most common claims made by bulldog owners under the most common pet insurance policies:

Common health problems in bulldogs and cost

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs

Embrace Pet Insurance:
Embrace is a great insurance option for English bulldogs. Embrace offers comprehensive accident and illness cover, and you can also add a regular care package that provides cover for emergency costs to regular veterinary fees.

In terms of price, Embrace insurance is cheaper for an English bulldog. Coverage for the average breed costs about $20 more than Embrace coverage for mixed breed dogs, but the premium for routine medical care is not appropriate for this breed.

Embrace insurance is expensive, but offers one of the highest levels of coverage among pet insurance companies.

PetsBest insurance for the English bulldog is cheaper than insurance for the American bulldog, which is relatively rare in pet insurance. Because English bulldogs are more prone to several health problems, English bulldog owners generally have to pay a higher premium for pet insurance. This is not the case with PetsBest, which is very positive.

PetsBest protection is available in three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. All levels cover emergency dental care, including dental disease, emergency extractions, tooth fractures, and more. For an additional monthly fee of $26, you can also purchase routine health insurance, which comes standard regardless of your dog’s health status.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:
One of best insurance for an English Bulldog is Healthy Paws, as they have the best pet insurance of any insurance company, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. I was disappointed to find that Healthy Paws charges almost twice as much for an English bulldog as for an American bulldog or mixed breed.

I understand that there are differences in cost and maintenance risk depending on the breed, but this seemed unreasonable.

But Healthy Paws is on my list because it’s a great company. If you can afford insurance coverage, Healthy Paws is a great choice. They offer unlimited annual benefits if deductibles are met, cover chronic and hereditary conditions, and provide the best customer service.

Although the price of an English bulldog is high, the care provided by Healthy Paws is second to none.

Petplan offers basic insurance for English bulldogs at an average cost of $70 per pet. This is cheaper than American bulldog insurance, but Petplan’s mixed-breed insurance is still considerably more expensive. The cheapest insurance costs around $30 per month.

I know the difference is big, but I think the pet insurance Petplan provides is worth the investment in this package.

With flexible plans, you can choose between annual insurance and a deductible. You can also choose what level of vet reimbursement is associated with your plan.

Nationwide Pet Insurance:
Nationwide pet insurance is the same price for most dog breeds from English bulldogs to American bulldogs. For other companies, there are large differences between similar breeds. For an All Pet with Wellness plan (which includes regular maintenance), you pay about $70 a month, only $10 more than for a mixed-breed dog.

If you don’t want regular maintenance, you can get a package similar to a purebred dog for about $30 a month, which only covers accidents and emergencies.

Nationwide pet insurance is a good business more than the price. They also cover cancers, hereditary and congenital diseases, dental care, behavioral therapy, and more. Many insurance companies exclude some of these conditions, so Nationwide offers excellent comprehensive coverage.

Lemonade has many benefits for English bulldogs, which is why it tops our list of the best insurance companies for English bulldogs. These benefits include affordable rates, a good selection of optional health insurance, and aggressive health and accident coverage.

The company also has one of the simplest claims management systems with an advanced mobile app. In addition, the claim waiting time is only two days, unlike other companies where it takes 14-30 days. You can get a discount if you combine your English Bulldog insurance with a renter’s liability policy or Lemonade buildings insurance.

Trupanion pays vets directly at the start. Their insurance covers illnesses, operations, and herbal treatments. They cover 90% of the accommodation, medication, diagnostic tests, and other expenses.

Figo is known for providing pet parents with quality veterinary advice 24 hours a day at no extra cost through its mobile app. They also offer various health packages to suit different needs and preferences.

English Bulldog owners will also appreciate the fact that all policies offer unlimited lifetime benefits, and there are no limits on coverage for certain medical conditions.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance:
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance provides coverage for accidents, illnesses, and hereditary and congenital diseases. It also covers up to 90% of reimbursable expenses, and you can visit any veterinarian or animal specialist.

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Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs video

Strategies to ensure the safety and health of your English bulldog.

Because this breed has several health problems, it’s worth considering insuring your pet in the early years of its life. If you take out insurance before you buy health insurance, a lifetime policy should mean that any problems your bulldog may have are covered and that you are insured every year.

In addition to puppy insurance, there are many other ways to ensure a long and healthy life for your English Bulldog.

It is very important that your bulldog gets enough exercise. Being brachycephalic, they are prone to overheating, so make sure you don’t force them to get too much exercise and keep walks short and frequent.

All dogs need exercise, and English bulldogs are no exception. Regular exercise helps keep muscles and joints strong and maintain a healthy weight. In the case of English Bulldogs, short walks and playing with toys will help prevent overexertion, but the puppy will still be active.

Avoiding overheating
English bulldogs can overheat quickly, especially on hot, humid days. To avoid overheating and dehydration, keep an eye on your puppy and make sure he always has access to drinking water.

Nutritious diet
One of the most important things you can do for your bulldog is to control his diet and weight. Excess weight can cause and aggravate many of the health problems they are known for, from skin infections to joint problems.

It’s important that the diet is balanced with protein and healthy grains and that your English Bulldog eats plenty of food.

English Bulldogs tend to overeat, which can lead to weight gain. One tip is to follow strict rationing rules and not give your dog too many sweets or ‘people food’. (See fruit and Vegetables for bulldogs)

The English Bulldog may seem tough on the outside, but it is very loving and affectionate with people. Regular cuddling and quality time with your English Bulldog is important to keep your pet happy. Bulldogs dont like to be left alone for a longer time.

Although the English Bulldog has a beautiful short coat, it is important to clean and groom it regularly to prevent skin infections and other problems. Because this breed’s skin is also wrinkled, it’s important to clean it weekly and check for irritations.

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs FAQs

At what age should I insure my English Bulldog?
To be insured, puppies must be at least eight weeks old. In general, you should be able to insure your English Bulldog when you bring it home from the breeder.

How much does it cost to insure an English Bulldog?
The average monthly insurance premium for English Bulldogs can range from $24 to $100 or more depending on the insurance company.

Insurance companies consider several factors when calculating monthly premiums, including the dog’s age, breed, health status, and the normal cost of veterinary services in your country.

Can English Bulldogs give birth?
Most English bulldogs have to give birth to puppies by caesarean section. This is because they have a very wide body and a large head, which means that the puppies are very likely to get stuck and the mother and puppies are at risk of dying.

Bulldogs are also very difficult to conceive naturally, so most puppies are artificially or surgically inseminated.

What is the rarest color for English Bulldogs?
The most uncommon English Bulldog color is Merle, but certainly Merle English Bulldogs are also prone to health problems like blindness, cherry eye etc.

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs pictures
Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs

Is pet insurance worth it for an English bulldog?
Yes, pet insurance is worth for an English bulldog
The care your English Bulldog needs at every stage of their life will be provided if you get pet insurance. The correct thing for your English Bulldog shouldn’t ever be constrained by cost, which is why having pet insurance that will pay for your medical expenses can literally save your life.

Can an English Bulldog be left alone?
Bulldogs can be left alone, but only if they have received proper training and are self-assured. They are companion dogs, so being near their family is very important to them. They develop separation anxiety if left alone for an extended period of time, which could result in harmful conduct.

How long do English Bulldogs live?
English Bulldogs live between 10 to 12 years, but can live more if properly taken care of.

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs

Video: Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldogs Parting Words

As you can see, it’s often worth investing in bulldog insurance. Premiums are often a barrier for pet parents. However, when you consider the costs associated with the normal, non-routine veterinary expenses associated with this breed, you’ll find that it can be a more affordable option.

Not to mention the peace of mind of never having to choose between your wallet and the health or life of your best friend.

Whichever policy you choose, before you sign it, read the fine print to understand the scope and limits of the policy. If you are unsure or unclear, contact your insurance company or veterinarian.

Your English Bulldog may also develop long-term health problems, and they may get sick or hurt at any time. With insurance, you can be sure that your dog will get the essential care without having to worry about the cost.

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