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Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount

Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets

The bigger the better they say. Many pet owners own several types of animals. Nothing makes a house happier than having animals in it. When you have two or more pets, it’s probably time to find the right solution and reduce the amount of care needed.

Pet insurance can be very expensive. Pet owners can take full advantage of pet insurance plans that cover many cats and dogs in a branded product range.

Different insurance companies have different multi-pet coverage options, however, many may give you a discount of up to 10%  for insuring numerous animals under their name.

What is multi-pet insurance?

Multi-pet insurance is usually the same as standard pet  insurance, but gives you a discount if you insure more than one pet with the same company.

Each pet insurance company offers its own discounts, which vary slightly depending on the insurance provider.

Most insurers offer a discount for any combination of dogs and cats insured with them.

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Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount

We’ll go over everything you need to know about finding the best policies for your furry family members and buying pet insurance for numerous pets:

Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets

Embrace: The top choice for the best pet insurance for two dogs or cats is Embrace since it provides one of the greatest multi-pet discounts at a maximum of 10%. Although Embrace provides the finest coverage with this substantial discount, other pet insurance providers also offer multi-pet discounts.

Hartville Pet Insurance: Hartville Pet Insurance offers a ten percent discount on each additional pet you are insuring.

Petplan: Petplan offers a ten percent discount on each additional pet you are insuring under the Petplan brand.

Pets Best: Pets Best frequently offers the best pet insurance coverage for a fair price. It gives a 5 percent discount for additional dogs, allowing you to further reduce the cost. Consider including Pets Best on your choice of pet insurance providers.

Figo: Figo gives the most economical pet insurance offer. A lot of consumers may purchase comparable coverage from Figo at a competitive price in addition to its 5% discount for multiple pets. This combination may result in the cheapest possible pet insurance for several pets. Additionally, it’s one of the few companies that provide a 100% refund option.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance: Similar to Embrace, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers a 10% multi-pet discount. However, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has additional limitations on coverage and a lengthier waiting period than its rivals.

Lemonade: Lemonade has an appealing five percent multi-pet discount. If you’re already a Lemonade client, you may also save money by combining your coverage with one of their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance products. You may save a significant amount of money by combining these two deals.

Spot: Spot offers a 10 percent discount for having many pets it was only formed in 2019. Companies often hit their stride after five years in business, providing more consistent coverage and price. Having said that, you can still give it a try.

Nationwide: Up to three pets are eligible for a 5 percent discount from Nationwide, while four or more pets are eligible for a 10% discount.
Nationwide provides fewer alternatives for customizing insurance to meet your budget, Annual limitations per condition for some of its policies, and age restrictions.

PetFirst: PetFirst Pet Insurance offers a 5% discount on the second pet you are insuring.

Fetch: No Discount

Trupanion: No Discount

Healthypaws: No Discount

Manypets: No Discount

Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount

S/N Company Multi-Pet Discount
1 Embrace Pet Insurance 10%
2 Hartville Pet Insurance 10%
3 Petplan 10%
4 ASPCA Pet Insurance 10%
5 SPOT 10%
6 FIGO 5%
7 Lemonade 5%
8 PetBest 5%
9 PetFirst 5%
10 Nationwide 5% for 2-3 Pets

10% For 4+ Pets

The Importance of Having Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

Many pet owners hesitate to take out pet insurance because they don’t want to burden their monthly budget with extra costs. Of course, there are pros and cons to taking out pet insurance. It means you’ll have to pay a little more each month to maintain insurance, but you’ll be happy if you have to take one of your pets to the vet for emergency treatment or if you have unexpected expenses during a regular visit.

According to the 2017-2018 US Pet Owners and Demographics Guide, about 60% of dog owners own two dogs and about 80% of cat owners own more than two cats.

If you are among the millions of parents who have multiple pets, pet insurance is an important investment that can protect you from unaffordable veterinary bills. Naturally, the cost isn’t the only issue. Pet insurance can also ensure that your pets always receive the care they need when they need it.

Treat your pets with regular care
Most experts agree that pets should go to the vet at least once a year, but preferably more often. Young pets, especially puppies and kittens, may need a monthly visit to the vet to monitor their development.
The reasons for this are simple. If you are insured, you can go to the vet without worrying about unexpected costs that will affect your budget.

This means your pet can benefit from more regular health checks and general health checks. They will also receive more routine treatments such as dental cleanings, parasite checks, vaccinations, and even grooming.

Early symptom detection
The real benefit of regular visits to the vet is that diseases and injuries can be detected early. As with human illnesses, it is much easier to treat a pet’s illness if it is detected before it goes untreated and gets worse.

This is especially true for serious diseases, such as cancer, but also chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hip dysplasia. It is also important to detect hereditary diseases as early as possible so that treatment can be started as soon as possible.

Know your emergency protection
Pet insurance is important if you have more than one pet, as a single emergency can cost you thousands – and, heaven forbid, more emergencies.

It’s less likely that all your pets will suffer an emergency at the same time, but it’s not impossible. Poisoning can affect an entire household, and environmental hazards can affect all pets under one roof.

 Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount - Thekillerpunch News
Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount

Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy pet insurance for multiple pets?

Yes, you can buy pet insurance for multiple pets. Although most insurers may insist that you purchase separate plans for each pet, some may let you add numerous pets to a single policy. You should be aware that many pet insurance providers only cover cats and dogs, so pets like snakes, birds, rabbits, and hamsters may not be covered.

Can You Have Two Pet Insurance Policies For One Pet?

Yes, it is possible to have more than one pet insurance plan for one pet. However, how this works depends on each case, depending on the two companies through which the plans are purchased. For example, some companies may split the costs 50/50. In other cases, the primary insurer pays and the secondary insurer may request an explanation of the primary insurer’s benefits before any claim is processed.

For this reason, we cannot give a clear answer on how insurance works for dogs in various classes. Instead, we recommend that you read the terms of each policy and speak to representatives from each company before purchasing. Discuss which company is considered primary and which is secondary and get the answers in writing before signing up.

How does insurance for multiple pets work?

You will either have one policy for all your qualifying pets when you get pet insurance for multiple pets, or you will have individual policies for each. Even though your pets are covered under the same policy, you may choose to choose a different yearly deductible and reimbursement sum for each of them.

The procedure for submitting a claim is the same whether there are one or several pets. You’ll pay the vet fee upfront for your pet, (but there are also insurance companies that pay the vet directly) then file a claim with the insurance provider for reimbursement. All you have to do is specify which pet the claim was made for.

Can I customize my policy for each pet?

Even if your animals are insured under one policy, you can choose different deductibles and insurance benefits for each animal. Some insurance companies also allow you to choose a different type of insurance for each animal.

For example, you can have accident insurance for just one animal and comprehensive insurance for another animal that covers both accidents and illness.

The rules vary from one insurer to another. Check with your insurer to know more before buying.

How much does it cost to insure multiple pets?

The cost of multiple pet insurance depends on several factors, including:

The number of pets: The number of pets insured. The more animals you insure, the higher the cost will be.

Breed: Insurance companies know which breeds of dogs and cats tend to be more prone to disease and chronic conditions. This information is factored into the price of the policy.

Location: Depending on where you reside, different risks of damage and veterinarian treatment have different costs. (There are locations at are prone to disasters)

Deductible: as with health insurance for humans, so it is for pets, a lower deductible means a higher premium and vice versa.

Reimbursement rate: many pet insurance companies reimburse a portion of the remaining veterinary expenses after the deductible has been met. Most pet insurance companies offer 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement options. The higher the reimbursement percentage, the higher the price of pet insurance.

Can I get a discount if I insure more than one pet?

Most insurance companies offer a discount on multiple pet policies if you have more than one pet insured or have more than one pet insured through your policy. Sometimes the discount is the same for each additional pet, sometimes it is higher for each additional pet. Ask your insurance company how multiple pet discounts work.

Do Healthy Paws have multiple pet discounts?

Healthy Paws does not provide multiple pet discounts unlike some of the other insurance providers, Exam costs are your responsibility under Healthy Paws insurance, and preventative care is not covered.

But, SPOT, Embrace Pet Insurance, Hartville Pet Insurance, Petplan, and ASPCA Pet Insurance provide multiple pet discounts at 10%

Can you get pet insurance for multiple dogs?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mix of cats, dogs, or both. Manypets, PetFirst, Nationwide, Fetch and several other insurance providers provide discounts and plans for households with numerous pets.

 Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount
Top Best Pet Insurance For Multiple Pets With Discount

What is a lifetime pet policy?

Lifetime pet insurance cover

Life cover is usually a paid-for option and provides the most comprehensive cover for your cat or dog. Life insurance covers your pet from one year to the next, as long as you don’t cancel the policy or let it lapse at renewal. As many insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions on new policies, many people choose to keep their life insurance.

Pet life insurance is ideal if your pet develops a long-term condition, such as diabetes or arthritis.

Because life policies are very comprehensive, they can be more expensive than term policies, which cover short-term illnesses and injuries.

Life policies cover any illness or disease that occurs during the policy year up to the limit you choose. The policy limit is updated and reapplied at renewal. So you know your furry family member is always covered, as long as they are insured with us.

Remember: if your cat or dog has pre-existing health problems at the time you take out the policy, we can’t cover them.

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