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Video: Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?

Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?

Know the legal aspects before continuing with your policy and compare to get the best conditions, If you take out insurance, you are looking for the best security guarantees for  vehicle & peace of mind

What is (Comprehensive car insurance) insurance against all risks?

Comprehensive Car insurance is coverage that helps pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged in an incident other than a collision. Comprehensive car Insurance  coverage typically covers damage from vandalism, fire or falling objects (such as tree or hail). If you are financing or leasing your car, your lender probably requires the comprehensive coverage. If you own your vehicle, it is an optional coverage in your auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive risk is not the most chosen option when looking for car insurance -because of its high price- but it is the most successful in certain situations, especially when insuring a completely new car.

They are the most complete and offer us absolute peace of mind, acting in any situation. But not all companies configure their comprehensive insurance in the same way and there are important aspects to take into account that can make a difference when choosing one or another company.

What do the main companies offer to insure your car at all risk?

As in any other type of insurance, you will find a series of usual coverages, but competitiveness means that companies include advantages and extra services in their comprehensive insurance and thereby try to retain their customers through that “exclusive deal ”.

It is those coverages or those conditions that make the difference and those that can tip the balance in favor of one company or another. We have thoroughly studied what five great expert auto companies offer to insure your car at full risk and thus give you more information to choose wisely:

Cheapest comprehensive car insurance

In Línea Directa a single comprehensive insurance is offered that users can tailor to suit their needs. Thus, it is possible to have coverage such as damage caused by animals to extend the protection of your All Risk. In the event of a claim, its policyholders enjoy preferential treatment and multiple advantages by going to the network of Concerted Workshops. Also in case of broken windows.

Línea Directa is there for you in case of any mishap

Línea Directa All Risk product includes Mandatory Civil Liability, Voluntary Civil Liability, Assistance to the driver and occupants, Travel Assistance and Legal Defense. In addition, you can rest easy, because you will have complete coverage against broken windows, theft, fire, explosion or lightning. And if you wish, you can hire the extended Travel Assistance that includes the replacement vehicle.

They also offer you the possibility of contracting the Fines Management and, in case of total loss of the permit for points, Línea Directa will pay up to € 500 of your cost of road awareness & reeducation course.

Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?
Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?

Damage to the vehicle itself
So that you do not have to worry about what happens to your car if you have an accident, the All Risk insurance takes care of any damage that originates in a collision, both material and personal damage.
Broken windows and windshield

In the event of an accident, Línea Directa’s glass damage coverage covers the repair or replacement of the front windshield, rear window, side windows and sunroof (when original for the brand).

MAPFRE: with daily compensation while your car is being repaired

If you choose MAPFRE , you can count on as extensive a guarantee for your own damages as you want, thanks to the coverage of Compensation for Large Damages, which adds to the cases already covered that of a collision with another vehicle. In addition, if you opt for its All Risk without excess, you enjoy maximum protection, since you can count on a replacement vehicle and compensation for the days it takes to recover your car, while the experts from its network of Distinguished Workshops repair it.

Allianz: benefits and services for the insured

If there is one thing that distinguishes Allianz from other insurers, it is the exclusive treatment it provides to its clients. They can enjoy a quality service, which adds advantages to an insurance that is already quite complete. If you use their network of Excellent Workshops, in the event of a claim covered by the own damage guarantee, you will be able to count on your car again in a very short time, thanks to digital expertise and preferential treatment, among other advantages.

Their comprehensive insurance is also distinguished by containing infrequent guarantees, such as the payment of interest on the loan for the repair of the vehicle and the replacement vehicle included as standard.

AXA: the most comprehensive coverage for own damages

Each company applies its own damage guarantee in one way. That is, certain assumptions are considered and others are excluded. In this sense, AXA makes the difference, since it takes charge of repairing the damages even if they are caused by a driver of unknown identity, among many other possible scenarios. AXA also brings the advantage of flexibility.

You can add guarantees to your All Risk insurance by obtaining a very complete product. In addition, all its policyholders enjoy the benefits of the FlexiRapid Repair Service.

Mutua Madrileña: an all-risk with a Plus

Mutua Madrileña has several types of fully comprehensive insurance, among which is Todo Riesgo Plus.

The difference with the rest is marked by the set of benefits offered through the Plus Package:
• Value again for the first two years.
• Sustitution vehicle.
• Free transfer of service to pass ITV.
• Extended travel assistance.
• Auto Handyman Service.
• Reference lawyer and many more services.
They also add to the advantages that your SOY loyalty cards already provide.

Types of comprehensive Car insurance

In the car insurance sector we can find two types of all risk: with or without excess. They are the same in terms of coverage, the difference lies in the final price: an all-risk insurance with excess implies a lower premium, since in the event of a claim the expenses are shared between the insurer and the insured. The franchise indicates the amount that the insured assumes in each part, either up to 90 or up to 400 euros.

It is a recommended option for all those good drivers used to not giving parts. In this way, they benefit from a cheaper premium without giving up the most comprehensive protection in the most serious situations. In other words, without giving up the main advantage of taking out comprehensive insurance.

Video: Collision Vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

Why is it the most complete?

Because it covers everything that others contemplate (third party and extended third party insurance), but with an important difference; In addition to offering you protection and covering the damages derived from theft or fire, the repair in case of broken windows, roadside assistance and the whole list of guarantees that you can find in other modalities, it gives you what they do not include “standard” : coverage of own damages.

In some companies there is the possibility of setting up a flexible policy in which you choose the coverage. Thus, you can contract your own damage coverage in certain cases (for example, in the event of a collision with hunting animals) additionally and assuming the extra cost in the premium. Since, if you do not have comprehensive insurance, you should know that you are dispensing with, perhaps, the most important of the guarantees in a car policy, which can save you from very serious situations.

With the own damage coverage, we know that the company will support us, assuming the expenses in the event that we are guilty of a claim. It is a possibility that others do not contemplate: if we dent the car while parking, for example, we are solely responsible. We cannot claim the damage from anyone.

However, with the coverage of own damages the company will be responsible for the expenses.
It is not the only advantage – yes the main one – of all-risk insurance. Other important differences with respect to the rest of the policy modalities are, for example, the cases of total loss and what you get in case of having a full risk insurance: during the first two years (in most companies) you can recover the The new value of the car just before the loss and the market value -improved or not- up to five years from registration.

List of  Comprehensive car insurance coverages

An all-risk is not, just by definition, the best option in any case. Extended third-party insurance or those that offer us optional coverage allow us to save against all risks without giving up good protection. But the truth is that each car requires a level of protection, which will be determined by how we use the car, how we protect it against possible threats and our profile as drivers.

If we talk, for example, of insuring a vehicle just out of the dealership – especially if it is high-end, because its parts and repairs are more expensive than in a used car – is the most logical option.

If we are thinking of hiring full-risk insurance, you already know that you will have everything that insurance offers to third parties, third parties with windows and extended third parties, with an added peace of mind: the one that gives the knowledge that the company will respond in every moment.

Mandatory civil liability
You will not have to worry about it since it is, as its name suggests, essential to circulate. Therefore, it is included in any type of insurance and we will only have to resort to it when we cause damage to a third party. Our company will cover the expenses derived from the damages caused, both physical and material, up to certain limits.

Mandatory civil liability
In the event that a claim leads to trial, the company offers you a legal defense service. A detail about the fine print: it is common for a limit to be established on this financial aid depending on whether or not the legal services of the company itself are used. Hiring your own lawyer can mean that the insurance company’s contribution is significantly reduced.

Broken windows
As in a third-party insurance with windows, in an all-risk you will have the same guarantees in case of breakage. The difference may lie – although it will depend, as always, on each company – in whether or not the sunroof is included in what is considered to be the vehicle’s windows. The usual thing is that it is included as long as it is standard. Another aspect to take into account is what conditions each company offers to repair or replace the windows, if it has agreements with workshops and what response they give in the event of a claim.

Robbery and fire
It is what distinguishes extended third-party insurance from third-party or third-party insurance with windows. In both extended third-party and all-risk policies, the company assumes the expenses derived from having suffered a theft (or attempted theft) or a fire. A detail that makes the difference may be that it covers the stolen objects from inside the vehicle, something that is not usually contemplated in this coverage. As in the case of own damages, the compensation can also be different from one company to another.

Roadside assistance
It is one of the most necessary guarantees in car insurance. And it is that, who has not ever needed to be towed by a crane? Cars break down without warning, we suffer punctures or we can even run out of gas due to a bad calculation. Normally, they contemplate all these cases, but, as in any other aspect, the conditions and limitations may vary from one company to another.

Sustitution vehicle
Depending on how we use the car, it may be impossible for us to do without it while it is passing through the workshop. With the replacement vehicle, the company provides us with an alternative to avoid getting stuck. It depends on the company that this coverage is extended, also offering you services such as the collection and delivery of the car to your own home.

Comprehensive car insurance: Driver insurance
A spectacular accident that costs us a disability and there is no guilty third party whose insurance covers us. Without the coverage of own damages and being responsible for the loss, we would not have any type of help. With comprehensive insurance, the company supports its client by offering compensation, which will vary depending on the injuries (and on each insurer) and his family, in the event of the death of the insured. This guarantee also includes medical assistance expenses in the event of an accident: there are companies that cover the medical treatment of both the driver and the occupants for one year, from the accident.

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Driver insurance
Since the points card came into force, the insurers responded by including this guarantee by which they assume the costs of the DGT courses to recover the points (whether we have lost only a few or if they have temporarily withdrawn the license). In this sense, there are companies that bear all the expenses and others that only take care of the registration costs. They can also offer us a grant for a period of time, since we do not have a vehicle and we have new expenses (for example, transport).

Own damages
It is the star coverage of the all risk. By having it we know that we are supported in any situation; if we are not responsible, we are covered by the other driver’s RCO. If we are, our company covers us thanks to this guarantee. As in everything, there is a small print that should not escape us: can we go to any workshop or only to the arranged ones? Is there an economic limit? Or of parts that we can present without having to assume any cost or that the premium becomes more expensive?

There are many aspects to take into account before hiring comprehensive insurance. The best thing is that you can check them all by making a comparison of insurers at You will be able to know in detail what each comprehensive policy includes, what are its strengths and what differentiates each one from the rest.

Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?
Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?

WHY BUY (Comprehensive car insurance) ALL RISK COVERAGE?

If you are wondering if you should buy comprehensive coverage, consider these points:

• Your car lender may require comprehensive coverage. If you are leasing or financing your vehicle, your lender may request comprehensive and collision coverage until you pay for the vehicle in full.

• How old is your car & what is the value? If you’ve paid for your car, comprehensive coverage is optional. It may be a good idea to find out the value of your vehicle from Kelley Blue Book *.

Will you want to pay that amount to repair or replace your car if it was stolen or damaged in an accident? If you can not afford to pay a lot out of your pocket, then purchasing optional car insurance coverages, such as comprehensive Car Insurance coverage and collision coverage, can be a smart investment for you

• How much are they annual premiums for comprehensive care Insurance  and collision coverage? The Insurance Information Institute had suggests that you take the amount you would pay in a year for comprehensive car insurance and collision coverage and multiply that number by 10. Is the car worth at least the number?

Otherwise, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage may not be a profitable option for you. which means, you may like to talk  with your agent about whether its makes sense to include these coverages in your auto insurance policies.

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