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How To Buy AMC Entertainment Stock After AMC Reports First Quarter Results Online

How To Buy AMC Entertainment Stock After AMC Reports First Quarter Results Online

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc positioned simply behind GameStop as the second generally mainstream “image stocks” in mid 2021.

At their pinnacle, AMC shares were exchanging at $ 20.36, however have since fallen by underneath $ 10 for every offer. Notwithstanding losing half in esteem from their pinnacle, AMC Entertainment shares are as yet rising over 350% since the beginning of 2021.

On Thursday, AMC shares were in focus as they reported first quarter results. after closing the hood. Surprisingly, AMC shares were trading unchanged after earnings results, an unusual result for one of the most popular Reddit Wall Street Bets stocks.

In summary, AMC said it lost $ 1.42 a share in its first quarter on revenue of $ 148.3 million. This compares unfavorably with The Street’s expectations of a loss of $ 1.28 per share and revenue of $ 152 million.

If you need help understanding how to buy AMC shares after the quarterly update, this guide is for you.

How and where to buy AMC shares right now

Buying AMC Entertainment stock after Thursday’s earnings report requires opening a stockbroker account. Once completed, simply type in the AMC ticker and click the buy button and you will be a new shareholder in AMC shares.

The brokerage industry has grown in recent years with innovative companies that have discovered a way to offer cheap or even free trading.

Our team of financial experts determined that these two brokers are the best place to buy AMC Entertainment stock.

1. eToro

Founded in 2006, eToro evolved over the years to become a true pioneer in offering zero trading commissions. The company is among the most reputable stockbrokers in the industry and was among the most valuable privately held companies in the world prior to a deal to be listed on the US stock exchange.

Buying AMC shares on eToro is completely safe and easy. Get started by clicking the link below:

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2. Plus500

Founded in 2008, Plus500 operates as a contract for difference (CFD) broker. The difference between Plus500 and other brokers is subtle: instead of directly owning the underlying shares, the investor performs a trade that changes in value based on the direction of the underlying shares, in this case AMC shares.

Click the link below to get started with Plus500 today:

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How To Buy AMC Entertainment Stock After AMC Reports First Quarter Results Online
How To Buy AMC Entertainment Stock After AMC Reports First Quarter Results Online

What are AMC shares?

AMC is the largest cinema chain in the world with a strong presence in the United States and Europe. AMC Entertainment’s shares were hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic as the company had no choice but to shut down its operations.

But even before the pandemic, AMC’s stock was not outperforming. The introduction of multiple video streaming services means that people no longer have to leave their homes to entertain themselves.

But AMC’s shares showed signs of life in early 2021 when the health situation around the world began to improve. AMC Entertainment shares also benefited from a strong presence on Reddit’s WallStreetBets.

Adam Aron, AMC CEO  by and by said thanks to the “gorillas” in the Reddit people group for offering higher on the stock and aiding AMC stock try not to tumble to zero because of a chapter 11 recording.

Will AMC shares go up in value?

There is no guarantee that AMC’s shares will increase in value, but it can be argued that the company faces the best prospects today compared to previous years. As people continue to feel more comfortable going out in search of entertainment, movie theaters are likely to be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

AMC Entertainment said in its earnings report that about 99% of its theaters in the US were operating at limited capacity, while international business was only 27%. As theaters around the world continue to reopen, AMC faces the prospect of increased revenue.

The list of movie releases throughout 2021 should help lift AMC’s stock. Some of the films include Emma Stone starring in ‘Cruella’, the ninth installment in the iconic ‘Fast and Furious’ saga, and Daniel Craig reprising his role as James Bond.

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