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How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers in 2022

How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers in 2022

Finding cheap auto insurance deals can be difficult for young drivers.

Knowing how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers will save you money, with some discounts leading to savings of up to 25%. Some of the more common ways young people can save on auto insurance rates include approved driver training courses, good grades, and strict guidelines.

Driving an older car and choosing lower coverage can also lead to significant savings.

Statistically, drivers under the age of 25 tend to have more accidents, so insurance companies consider them “risky” to insure.

The good news is that there are ways for young drivers to get cheaper insurance.

We explain everything you need to know.

Auto insurance tends to be cheaper for older, more experienced drivers

Average annual auto insurance costs around 24.5% more in the 1920s and just under 50% more than in the 1940s.

In the UK, young drivers are between 17 and 24 years old. Young drivers make up around 7% of all licensees in the UK.

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Young drivers are considered “more dangerous” for safety

The cost of auto insurance is largely risk-based.

High-risk drivers are more likely to have an accident and should file a claim. This costs the insured money.

Therefore, the greater the risk, the more expensive your car will be.

Insurance companies consider your age to be one of the main factors determining your risk.

Insurance for young drivers is more expensive because statistically they are more likely to have a road accident: around 25% of all injuries are caused by drivers under the age of 25.

Insurance companies consider many other things when defining how much to pay for a policy, including:



claim history

Postal Code

annual driving distance

Adaptations for cars

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How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers
How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers

We believe the cost of insurance should be based on how you drive, rather than on assumptions based on your personal data.

That’s why we use smart pricing to offer the best drivers better prices. You can save up to 1/3 of your monthly payment policy!

Whether you are a parent helping the young adult with insurance or a young driver who is responsible for paying for your insurance, we know you will save. And we don’t blame you. Looking at the average monthly insurance rates for teen drivers is enough to cause sticker shock.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of savings strategies you can start implementing. To put it simply? Getting cheap car insurance for young drivers is starting now. Let’s start with some of the most common discounts for teenagers.

Take a driver training course

It’s simple: teens taking a certified driving course can reduce their insurance premiums. A written course will also help, but if the course offers behind-the-scenes experience – by the way – the savings can be significant.

Of course, many reputable insurance companies offer discounts on driver training courses. In fact, one of the biggest discounts we found was the 15% with State Farm. Several companies, ranging from Progressive to Liberty Mutual, offer a ten percent discount.

Listen to this: Insurance companies have compared the driving stories of teens who took behind-the-scenes driving courses with those who didn’t. Those who have taken a driver training course that offers efficient driving times have a lower accident rate than those who have not.

Get great student discounts

Here’s some good news: Almost all insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts for students with good grades. And this fall will finally bring all parents closer to their goal of getting cheap car insurance for young drivers. The general qualification rules include:

Must be a full-time student in high school or college.

Must be between 16 and 24 years old.

Maintain a GPA of 3.0, which is an average of B.

With savings of up to 25% from State Farm and Country Financial, the incentive is undeniable. Young people must send the school report or letter to the insurance company when their policy needs to be renewed.

Remember this: insurance companies and their insurance policies are different. If there are two teenagers in the family, the full student discount may not apply to both, so parents should purchase.

Buy a safer car for teens

Which cars are cheapest to insure new drivers? When it comes to cars, keep this in mind: Parents should consider the safety rating of any car they plan to buy for teens. Another thing to remember:

A higher security score means lower rewards.

The Department of Road Safety Insurance (IIHS) regularly checks and assesses the safety of the car. The IIHS found that while teens are the most dangerous drivers, they drive the least safe vehicles. While a newer, faster car may be tempting for a teenager, it doesn’t have to be the safest option.

Our advice? If you want cheap car insurance for young drivers, choose a basic, older, non-sports car with updated safety features for your first vehicle to keep insurance premiums low.

Get a smaller car or a safety rating

Remember that the price of car insurance for a young driver is not only based on him as a driver, but also on the type of car he drives. So how do you get cheap car insurance for a young driver and a selection of cars? Remember this:

The less sophisticated and well anchored the car, the cheaper the insurance.

Buyer, please note that some older vehicles don’t have a discount, even if they are cheaper. Many older vehicles lack any of the safety features common to newer models.

Reduction of car insurance for young drivers

Not all cars driven by a young driver require full attention. Only one liability option may be needed. Or you can choose to forgo discretionary contracts like comprehensive auto insurance.

How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers? Consider reducing your car insurance.  

Whatever you decide to do, we strongly advise you not to make the decision before doing your research. Start now by researching your basic contracts, such as auto liability insurance, and also look at additional options, such as insurance for uninsured drivers.

Buy usage-based insurance

Some auto insurance companies offer so-called paycheck programs that you can either pay for while driving. Both programs fall under the general umbrella of something called usage insurance or UBI.

How does this type of insurance work? And how can it help you get cheap car insurance for a young driver?  

A fact that many do not take into account is that the more you drive, the greater the likelihood of a road accident. The more accidents you have, the more claims the insurance company will have to make.

This is why your carrier will likely ask you how far you drive your car. Sometimes those who don’t drive that much can get lower prices. If your child falls into this category, take them to the insurance company and ask about any price reductions.

Well, all you need to do is let your auto insurance company check your driving. The insurance company will do this via a device that can be inserted into the car or via a mobile application. It will record your driving habits and allow you to get data on bad driving habits before they turn into riskier behaviors.

Companies usually undertake to keep track of your address over a period of time. If the data shows that you are a safe driver, you can get discounts. This means that if your child is a good driver and doesn’t drive many miles, UBI can be good economy.

Not all companies have a UBI program, so contact your agent or representative to find out more. Another factor that can affect your prices? Where do you live. Don’t forget to check the prices by country to see how it affects your premium.

It has good driving data for teenagers

Again, how can you get cheap car insurance for young drivers? Well, one of the biggest factors influencing a student insurance premium is your driving history. It can be more difficult to find cheap auto insurance for young drivers who have accidents on the list.

DUI / DWI convictions or speeding fines can have an exponential effect on your insurance premium. Additionally, most insurance companies already consider teens to be high-risk drivers.

The fees associated with DUI / DVI judgments are very expensive. If a junior driver is found guilty of DWI or DUI, the basic insurance premium can be increased by thousands of dollars for a minimum of three years.

Some insurance companies will also not insure younger drivers with multiple offenses. It is best to use as many tips as possible for safe driving.

If possible, remove the items from the registry

First, let’s assume that if you are under the age of 25, you pay higher rates for auto insurance. Finding the cheapest airlines with the lowest prices is not something a young driver can take for nothing.

Best tips? If you have points on the record, you can get rid of someone by taking some defensive driving lessons.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies offer discounts on defensive driving courses. Make sure you contact an agent or representative to find out what’s relevant and what’s not.

Package with auto insurance

If your child is driving, we know it is likely that you as a parent will do the same. But on top of that, you probably also have an insurance house or apartment.

When it comes to owning multiple insurances under one roof, it’s almost always worth bundling them together.

This means that the more insurance lines you can open with a company, for example by using Progressives for your car and home, the more likely your insurance company is to offer some kind of discount.

So, if you can insure your teen car and teen car from the same supplier (along with your home, or maybe even a trailer or motorcycle), consider insurance, especially if there’s a discount.

Payment of the highest deduction

It’s simple: Higher auto insurance deductions mean lower payments. Consequently, the ultra-deduction option can be a viable option when looking for cheap insurance for young drivers.

When parents consider purchasing car insurance for young people, they need to consider their options. Are you willing to pay a higher deductible if your child has an accident?

Consider the following: the deduction should be at least a reasonable amount and pay in case of an accident.

Looking for cheap auto insurance rates

Carefully compare online quotes from different insurance companies. The premiums for the same coverage vary greatly from company to company.

Don’t forget to compare apples to apples and make sure the quote below gives you all the attention you need. This will help you find the cheapest auto insurance for new drivers, whether it’s the cheapest auto insurance for 18 or 16 years.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Do you have any other questions? We have the answers. On how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers, we’re looking at your frequently asked questions.

# 1 – Who has the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

Our analysis is simple: the cheapest auto insurance prices on the market will come from USAA Insurance. On average, 17-year-old single men and women pay $ 449 and $ 441 per month, respectively.

Please note that USAA is only available to those who have served in the military (as well as spouses and children). Outside of the US, you can find competitive rates with Geico averaging $ 523 and $ 471 per month for 17-year-old men and women, respectively.

# 2 – What is the cheapest car insurance for first-time drivers?

Again, we can point to USAA, Geico, and even Nationwide and State Farm to have some of the lowest average monthly rates for young drivers. But what you pay for ultimately varies from person to person and from company to company. Simply put, we can’t stress enough: to find the cheapest auto insurance possible, you’ll need to do some work on your feet.

Use our checklist to look for the biggest and best discounts and evaluate your auto insurance needs. The more you can do your homework, the better the prices you’ll pay, even as an inexperienced driver.

# 3 – What is the cheapest auto insurance for people under 25?

We have found that Geico, Progressive and USAA offer some of the most competitive prices for drivers under the age of 25. This takes into account not only the cost but also the availability of discounts and programs.

We understand. Car insurance for young and inexperienced drivers won’t always be a walk in the park. But what shouldn’t be hard is hearing about the many discounts and programs your teen driver can use to save money.

We’ve done a lot for you and introduced you to some of the most common ways to start saving. Now it’s up to you. Choose to look for discounts, explore your options, sign up for programs, and most importantly, save money.

Comparing the prices of the best auto insurance companies for your young driver is just one point and one click away. Start saving on youth car insurance today by entering your postcode in our free car insurance comparison tool.

10 ways to get cheaper car insurance for young drivers

The good news is that there are ways to get cheaper insurance if you are a young driver. 🎉 (The secret is to become insured with less risk 🤫)

These tips and tricks can help you get a cheaper auto insurance policy:

1) Add an enthusiastic named driver to your policy

An experienced driver with good driving experience is statistically less likely to have an accident.

This makes them cheaper to insure because they are less likely to apply.

Adding an experienced driver with a parent’s name to your insurance can reduce your overall risk level and help you get a cheaper auto insurance policy.

It is also worth considering whether it will be cheaper to add a named driver to a useful driver policy.

But it is very important that the person who uses the car the most is listed as the main driver.

If you are listed as a designated driver, but drive often, you may be committing an insurance fraud called “front”, which is illegal.

If you are taken directly, your auto insurance could be canceled, which could make it difficult for you to have a policy in the future. ?

2) Choose a car from a lower insurance group

All cars in the UK are covered by an insurance group of 1 to 50.

Insurance companies often use these groups to determine how much your auto insurance will cost.

Generally speaking, the higher your auto insurance fund, the more expensive your insurance will be.

Therefore, a car from insurance group 1 will cost much less for insurance than a car from insurance group 50.

You can find out which group the car belongs to using our free insurance group check.

3) Improve the safety of your car

Installing safety features like dash cameras, parking sensors, and wheel locks can help make your insurance cheaper.

This is because they make your car safer and less likely to be exposed to criminals.

⚠️ Pay attention to the car’s performance and aesthetic adjustments, such as changing the engine or the color of the car.⚠️

Some insurance companies don’t cover conversions (like us) and those they charge more generally because modified cars are more risky to insure.

4) Limit your mileage

Most insurance companies require an estimate of miles when buying a car to calculate how often you drive (and therefore the risk of an accident).

Auto insurance is usually more expensive if the mileage is high (the longer the journey, the greater the chance of an accident).

On the other hand, drivers with fewer kilometers tend to get cheaper auto insurance. Therefore, you can get a cheaper policy if you drive less during the year.

5) Adjust your voluntary profit

The deduction is the amount you have to pay when you apply for insurance.

You can choose your voluntary dismissal. (And you don’t have to define anything!)

But the higher your voluntary franchise, the cheaper your auto insurance will be.

Make sure the profit isn’t too high! How to pay this amount to claim compensation for your car.

With our new monthly paid auto insurance, you can customize your franchise.

6) Customize your page

If there are several ways to describe your work (such as “artist” and “designer”), try both and see who offers cheaper insurance.

Make sure the job you choose describes what you are actually doing!

The insurance company can cancel your insurance if you are caught lying to get a cheaper offer.

7) Pay annually

Paying an annual policy straight away is generally cheaper than paying a monthly direct debit.

This is because traditional auto insurance guarantees you all year round, so monthly payments are like paying back a loan.

While paying monthly for insurance can improve your credit rating, some insurance companies charge interest on your payments. This makes your policy more expensive.

At Cuvva, we have created a monthly subscription to interest-free auto insurance. (And there are no cancellation fees!).

8) Safe driving

Driving interventions, such as speed, can increase the premium because they show that you are a high-risk driver.

Achieving six or more penalty points in the first two years of driving may also result in the revocation of the driving license. ?

Careful guidance helps build a good injury overview and can help make your insurance cheaper.

Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who complete a Pass Plus qualification.

However, the course costs around £ 150-200. Therefore, it is worth checking whether this will make your policy cheaper before spending the money.

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9) He is registered on the list of electors

Voice recording makes it easier for insurance companies to verify your identity when you receive a quote.

Drivers who aren’t on the voter list sometimes pay more for the policy because it’s harder for companies to prove their data is correct.

Registration takes only a few minutes and can help lower the cost of your auto insurance.

Video: Comprehensive car insurance, when should I take out one?

You can register to vote on GOV.UK.

10) Think of a black box

Insurance companies can monitor your driving habits with a black box (also known as a “telematics device”) mounted on your car. (Some companies use apps instead.)

Some companies offer rewards and discounts for good driving, while others charge a penalty for bad driving habits.

Here’s the shameless plug … We have a form of insurance that leverages your driving habits to offer you a cheaper price. We think it’s a little better than black box insurance.

Interested? Get a smart quote today.   

How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers
How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers


Third party auto insurance isn’t always cheaper in the long run

Third party coverage is a form of auto insurance that only protects against damage or damage to other people’s cars.

Although third-party auto insurance policies tend to be cheaper, they can become more expensive in the long run.

This is because in the event of an accident you have to pay the cost of repairing or replacing your car.

Sometimes full insurance is generally cheaper because it tends to cover the cost of repairing or replacing a car.

They also often offer payment if your car is canceled.

It is very important to check the terms and conditions of the policy you are committed to and make sure you get the coverage you need.


If you have any questions, please contact the company to verify.

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