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VIDEO: Liverpool ‘will walk alone’ in the Super League … fans protest against the club

Liverpool ‘will walk alone’ in the European Super League … fans protest against the club

Liverpool is one of the 12 founding teams of the Super League , which has generated much controversy in the football world and its fans showed anger at the club outside Anfield Road.

With messages of all kinds, the Liverpool stadium was filled with banners ranging from “I am ashamed of you” to others that left the club for dead with the legend “RIP Liverpool 1892-2021” .

And it is that today Liverpool played against Leeds United, a match that tied with one goal, but the result went into the background , since they were also received with annoyance at the visiting stadium.

The fans rallied Leeds United before the start of the game around the Elland Road Stadium against Liverpool and participation in the Superliga.

Several fans greeted the Liverpool bus with chants against the European Super-League, demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the still Premier League champion, as well as messages on banners that read “RIP LFC thank you for the memories.”

Liverpool 'will walk alone' in the Super League ... fans protest against the club
VIDEO: Liverpool ‘will walk alone’ in the Super-League … fans protest against the club

The Leeds players also protested and warmed up with jerseys that read: “Champions League. Earn it ”or“ Soccer belongs to the fans ” .

That same message was seen in the stands of the Elland Road stadium and the team shared it on their social networks, showing that they are against the Super League.

A small plane flew over the Elland Road stadium before the dispute of the match between Leeds United and Liverpool.

The message in the air had the legend “say no to the Super League” , as it criticizes the Liverpool club for being part of the founders of the new tournament.

Liverpool coach Jürgen Kloop came to the defense of the players after all the atmosphere that surrounded the game against Leeds United and expressed prior to the game that his “players had not done anything wrong . “

“Liverpool is much more than just a few decisions . I have heard that there were banners, but the players have not done anything wrong “, assured Klopp for Sky Sports.

Liverpool ‘will walk alone’ in the Super League … fans protest against the club (Video)

UPDATE: Liverpool withdraw from the Super-League

Liverpool FC have confirmed they will be ending their participation in the new ‘Super League’, less than 48 hours after the controversial new league was announced.

On Tuesday evening, first Chelsea and then Manchester City began the process of withdrawing from the new league and shortly before 11pm Liverpool released a statement which read:

Liverpool Football Club can confirm that our involvement in proposed plans to form a European Super-League has been terminated.

Over the past few days, the club has received representatives from a number of key stakeholders, both internal and external, and we would like to thank them for their valuable contributions.

This is not the first time FSG have made a huge mistake and have to turn around, and it will forever tarnish their legacy at Anfield. Maybe, just maybe, they should start listening to the fans and avoid having to do those U-turns and negative PR.

The fact that the statement is so brief and offers absolutely no apologies will only further damage the owners’ reputation among followers.

Arsenal, Man United and Tottenham have also announced their official withdrawals, meaning there are no longer any English clubs in the so-called ‘Super-League’.

The statements from Arsenal and Tottenham at least offered an apology to the fans, unlike the two pathetic sentences from Liverpool, yet another sign that the owners have absolutely no respect for the fans.

Spanish sides Barcelona and Atletico Madrid reportedly withdrew earlier on Tuesday night, but neither have confirmed as such yet.

Earlier in the evening, all Liverpool players issued their own statement, saying:

“We don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen. This is our collective position.

“Our commitment to this football club and its supporters is absolute and unconditional. You will never walk alone.”

The unfortunate saga may be over for now, but the repercussions of this attempt and the effect it will have on FSG’s long-term ownership of the club will be particularly interesting.

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