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Everything You Need To Know About No Exam Life Insurance Sproutt in 2022

Everything You Need To Know About No Exam Life Insurance Sproutt in 2022

No exam life insurance policies are new types of policies that you can apply for from the comfort of your home. So, if you want to get a no-exam life insurance policy in 2022, but aren’t sure how, we’re here to help you! In this blog post, we are going to explain a bit about what no exam life insurance is, who can apply for it and how you can make an application.

No Exam Life Insurance When you pass away, your family lose their main source of income and possible security. Buying a life insurance policy on a regular basis allows you to replace your income in the event of your death and gives your family financial security in the long term.

One of the most common reasons in getting a term plan is for protection against the unexpected. Unexpected things come out at the most unusual of times and unfortunately, we may not be financially prepared for them.

So, the easiest way to deal with unexpected situations is by ensuring that we have a solid Plan B. If you get hit by an unfortunate accident, you and your family will know that you have some financial backup. Life insurance policies ensure this exact same benefit. What if you die? Your family will still be able to pay off bills, maintain the house and that’s just to name a few.

Many life insurance policies require that you undergo a medical exam as part of the application process. The exam is how insurers obtain detailed information about your health and from there calculate your rate and the cost of your life insurance premium.

But if you don’t like the idea of ​​a stranger poking and poking you, if you are afraid of needles or if you just don’t have time, you will be happy to know that there are no No Exam Life Insurance policies that allow you to skip the medical exam and still get coverage.

Read on to learn more about how life insurance works without medical tests and to find out if it is the right option for you.

Everything You Need To Know About no exam life insurance sproutt in 2022
Everything You Need To Know About no exam life insurance sproutt in 2022

What is life insurance without a medical exam? No Exam Life Insurance

No Exam Life Insurance is exactly what it sounds like – life insurance that doesn’t require you to take a medical exam. If you’re just starting out looking for life insurance, you may not understand why some policies require a medical exam and others don’t.

Let’s analyze it:

Traditional life insurance policies, both full term and full term, require a medical exam as part of the application process. The exam includes a standard physical exam plus a blood test and a urine sample. Some candidates may be asked to undergo an ECG or a stress test. In addition to the exam, you will need to complete a detailed questionnaire about your health and medical history (and you may also need to share your medical history).

The purpose of the health examination and questionnaire is for the insurer to obtain an accurate picture of your health history.

Life insurance statistics and insurers

Life insurance underwriters then compare their health statistics with those of millions of people to determine their statistical life expectancy. For example, according to the CDC, “overall mortality among male and female smokers in the United States is approximately three times that of similar people who have never smoked.” Therefore, people who smoke are always assigned higher rates than non-smokers.

Smoking makes a big difference in mortality predictions, in fact life insurance companies have completely different premium tables for smokers and non-smokers.

Similarly, obese people are at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Therefore, they tend to receive higher life insurance premiums than people in the normal weight range (see our article on life insurance and BMI here).

Now it’s easy to understand: excellent health means better rates and lower premiums, while poor health means worse rates and higher premiums.

Without life insurance for the exam, the insurer allows you to waive the medical exam and the company itself waives its ability to make an accurate prediction of your mortality. For this reason, most exam policies do not have certain limitations (which we will discuss later).

The benefits of No Exam Life Insurance

No Exam Life Insurance is becoming increasingly popular with consumers for a number of reasons.

No Exam Life Insurance policy:

  • They allow you to skip the medical exam, which is important for people who feel uncomfortable during medical exams or are afraid of needles.
  • They don’t ask you to stop what you’re doing and make time for a physical exam
  • They are convenient – some applications can be completed entirely online
  • It’s easy to get approved, especially if you have a serious medical condition.
  • They are approved much faster than traditional policies, sometimes even immediately.


Who is eligible for the No Exam Life Insurance? Who needs it? 

With all the benefits of no exam life insurance, you might be wondering, why doesn’t everyone get this type of insurance? Why do life insurance companies care about other types of policies if no exam insurance is that good?

While no exam life insurance actually has many benefits, it also comes at a higher price. Since insurers cannot get a complete picture of your health, they cannot accurately assess risk. When the risk of the life insurance company increases, so does the cost of the policy.

While anyone can apply for life insurance without an exam, those looking for more affordable options would do better to go the medical exam path.

Who is No Exam Life Insurance best suited for?

If any of the following statements describe you, no life insurance exam can make a big difference in your life.

  • You are afraid of doctors and / or needles
  • You don’t have time to make an appointment.
  • You can afford to pay higher rates for the convenience of a quick application and approval process
  • You need life insurance quickly
  • You have serious medical problems No Exam Life Insuranceand have been denied other types of life insurance.


The last point is important. Some people are willing to go through the discomfort of a medical exam or come face to face with their fears to get lower rates on life insurance. But what happens if you are willing to undergo the medical examination but are later turned down due to serious health conditions?

If multiple life insurance companies have denied you coverage and different types of traditional policies, no life insurance exam can save your life. In some cases, it may be the only way to ensure that funeral expenses are covered and that this specific financial burden does not fall on your loved ones.

Types of No Exam Life Insurance

No Life Insurance Exam is a broad category that includes different types of policies, some term and some full term. Term life insurance is valid for a specific time or term, while whole life insurance does not have an expiration date, it is valid for the entire life of the policyholder (it is a type of permanent life insurance).

Traditional full-term life insurance policies and require subscription. As you’ll see below, some types of no-exam life insurance require a certain amount of underwriting, while others require nothing.

Here we will discuss the different types of no exam life insurance available and who they are best for.

Simplified problem

The simplified problem is a type of no exam life insurance that is available as a full term policy. Both types require a simplified and abbreviated underwriting process, hence the term “simplified issuance”. This means that you will be asked to answer several questions about your health, but not as many as traditional life insurance requires.

To learn more about your health without asking invasive questions or conducting a medical exam, insurers collect information about you from third-party sources, including medical and pharmaceutical databases and DMV records. When you request a simplified issue, you agree to this type of background check.

By collecting information from third-party sources, the insurer does not inconvenience you, and at the same time, you get a lot of relevant information that can help insurers to more accurately assess your life expectancy.

Since your health plays an important role in determining your acceptance and the amount you pay in monthly premiums, simplified issuance is the most difficult type of no-test policy to qualify for. If you are in good health and under the age of 50, you should have no problem getting approved. If you have medical complications, the rating will be more difficult.

Guaranteed issue

Unlike simplified issue, which not everyone can benefit from, guaranteed issue life insurance guarantees approval to all who request it (hence the name, “guaranteed issue”).

Guaranteed Pass No Medical Exam – Sound Too Good To Be True? While the offer is really real, it is also very expensive. With guaranteed issue, the insurer has absolutely no way to cover your risk. Therefore, these types of policies have several conditions:

Limited coverage: generally up to $ 25,000

Very expensive

A waiting period – If the policyholder dies within the waiting period (usually two to three years), only the premiums will be refunded, often plus a few percentage points.

With all these conditions, why would anyone have a guaranteed problem? The guaranteed issue can be requested completely online and offers immediate approval. More importantly, for some people it is the only way to get coverage (and to offer loved ones a death benefit). If you have a serious medical condition and have been denied coverage under other types of policies, you may still qualify for guaranteed issue.

Final expenses

 Another modality that does not require medical examinations is the insurance of final expenses or expenses, destined to cover the funeral expenses of the insured. Its coverage is generally low and can be contracted up to 89 years of age. 

The final expense is a kind of permanent no exam life insurance and can come in the form of all simplified or all guaranteed. The purpose of both types is to ensure that funeral and burial / cremation costs are covered.

Simplified whole life insurance, like its term counterpart, requires a partial underwriting, which means not everyone will qualify. It also means that the cost will be less than the guaranteed total, guaranteeing approval from (almost) everyone.

The guaranteed whole number differs slightly from the guaranteed issue in that it generally includes several “knockout questions” that may disqualify you (usually in the event of a terminal or critical illness).

The advantage of purchasing final expense insurance over direct guaranteed issuance is that premiums can be slightly lower and there is no gap. (A waiting period would defeat the purpose of end-of-life insurance, which is to cover the cost of end-of-life expenses.)


Group life insurance is generally offered through an employer. Approval is not at all dependent on your health, but on your employment with the company.

There is no real downside to group life insurance, as the premiums are partially or fully covered by your employer. However, the coverage is generally limited or related to your salary, which means it is probably not enough for your needs.

Therefore, group life insurance should be considered supplemental or extra and it is recommended that you have another life insurance policy sufficient for your needs. To learn more about supplemental life insurance.

Accelerated subscription

While not strictly a no-exam policy, Expedited Enrollment offers the option to skip the exam, but only in some cases.

Here’s how it works: When you apply for an expedited underwriting policy, the insurer will tell you if you are eligible to skip the on-site medical exam. Insurers can do this by using sophisticated technology to collect information about you from third parties (the same as they do for simplified issuance). The whole process takes just a few minutes.

During that time, the insurer’s algorithms scan your records to determine if you are healthy enough to skip the medical exam. If the algorithms determine that this is the case, you can ignore it. Otherwise, you will be required to undergo a medical exam and can decide whether to comply with or pursue a different type of no exam policy. Given the nature of accelerated underwriting, the ideal candidate is someone in excellent health.

The benefits of expedited underwriting are that you can skip the medical exam, plus your rates are likely to be more on par with traditional life insurance policies.

How much does the No Exam Life Insurance cost?

The cost of No Exam Life Insurance, like most life insurance policies, is based on several factors.

These include:

  • Age (see average life insurance rates by age here)
  • Gender
  • Position
  • smoking status
  • Coverage amount
  • Policy duration (applicable only to duration)
  • Health condition
  • family health history
  • Driving history
  • Dangerous jobs / hobbies
  • While the cost of not having life insurance for the exam is highly individualized, we can offer a few rules of thumb.

The guaranteed issue will always be the most expensive type of policy without exam, since the insurer does not require any health information from you.

Accelerated underwriting and simplified term life insurance are the most competitively priced policies, as they involve a certain amount of underwriting.

The healthier you are, the lower your premiums (for policies that require health information)

Women live longer than men and almost always get lower life insurance rates

Smokers always get higher rates than non-smokers

Pre-existing health conditions will always affect the final cost

To get an idea of ​​how much your life insurance policy may cost, you can use our term life insurance calculator and get a free instant quote in seconds.

How Much Life Insurance Can You Get Without An Exam?

The question of the amount of the policy is important and, like the cost, depends on several factors. The general limits are as follows:

Simplified issuance and accelerated underwriting generally offer coverage up to $ 500,000 or $ 1 million

The guaranteed issue is generally limited to $ 25,000 or $ 50,000

Group life insurance coverage is generally related to your annual salary

With the exception of guaranteed issue, your health will also play a role in how much coverage you can get. The general rule of thumb is that the healthier you are, the lower your premiums and the more coverage you can get.

How Can You Not Get A No Exam Life Insurance?

Today there are many insurers that do not offer any exam life insurance. Before exploring insurers, it is important to understand which type of no exam policy is best for you. Once you know this, you can research the insurers that offer that type of policy.

If you are in good health, your first option should be to purchase accelerated life insurance, which exempts those who qualify from the exam. If you qualify, wonderful, you will skip the exam and get competitive rates. If you are not eligible, you can decide what type of no exam policy should be your next option.

If you’re not sure which policy is best for you, Sprout’s insurance consultants can help. Sproutt is not affiliated with any insurance company, but acts as an aggregator / broker to find you the best rates and policies. Our insurance advisors offer free unbiased advice. Our goal is to help our users get the best possible policy and the best possible rates.

Video: Customer review – No Exam Life Insurance

If you don’t need advice and just want to find the best policy, No Exam Life Insurance is one of Sproutt specialties. You can use Sproutt Term Life Insurance Calculator and get a free instant quote in seconds

Just remember: life insurance is a purchase that affects your loved ones more than you. Take your time and do your research so you can make the best decision for everyone.

A backup strategy

If you are unsure of your health, we recommend that you obtain a “No Exam Life Insurance” policy online as a backup before applying for a traditional exam-based policy. If the latter is subsequently approved and you prefer, you can cancel what you have bought online. If you are rejected by traditional means, you will still have the peace of mind that your family is covered.

The bottom line

You can access “No Exam Life Insurance” through your employer, many of whom offer it as a benefit. In some cases, you can be added to your employer’s plan and otherwise without an exam.

The top benefits of “No Exam Life Insurance” online are processing speed and convenience. The cost is coming down and it could be a big factor too. As with all life insurance products, it is critical to obtain multiple price quotes and compare them.

Now, to understand a little more about this No Exam Life Insurance plan, the following questions are asked:

What reason do you have to consider buying life insurance without a medical exam?

We have found the answer in the previous lines, since procedures of this type take a long time, so for many people they can be a big problem, since they urgently need to hire insurance to solve legal issues, request a loan , etc. .

Also because it will avoid having to undergo blood and urine tests, since the results obtained will establish a premium that can be very low or considerably high.

On the other hand, using this means that you will only have to answer a few questions to qualify, for example: you will be asked for a report on the medications that you have been prescribed in the last 5-10 years.

If you’ve committed a crime, your driving record, chronic or critical illness, and financial history will be reviewed, among many other questions.

Can You Get Life Insurance Without A Visit To The Doctor?

Yes, which means that you avoid pricking your arm to take a blood sample, measure your blood pressure, do a urinalysis, etc.

Do all existing insurance policies require a medical exam?

Some do, but not all need that requirement. However, even if verification is no longer required, you will still need to answer a few questions about your health. However, some life policies, such as group terms and guaranteed acceptance, do not require questioning.

Are No Exam Life Insurance policies more expensive?

You may have heard rumors on this subject, rumors that have led you to believe that this life insurance plan is much more expensive, these arguments are false. An example of this is an insurance policy in the amount of $ 250,000, with a duration of 30 years, whose premium can be less than $ 30 per month.

How Much Coverage Can You Get Through Insurance Without A Doctor Visit?

Previously we talked about the measures that insurance companies take in these types of situations. These measures are a limitation on the economic amount of coverage.

In fact, depending on the insurance company, the maximum amount of life insurance without a medical exam ranges from 100,000 to $ 2,000,000. Therefore, if these ranges are exceeded, an analysis with no exceptions will be required.

As noted, insurance that does not require a medical exam has its advantages but also its disadvantages. So you have to decide based on the circumstances you are going through if you want to hire it or go through a traditional procedure, with insurance that requires a medical evaluation.

Instead, we can find four types of life insurance that do not require a check, such as:

Accelerated underwriting life insurance

Simplified issuance

Urgent matter

Group life insurance.

Do I need a medical exam to be eligible for life insurance?

There are insurance policies without medical examination. Smaller policies, such as end-of-life insurance (also known as “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance”), generally only require answers to health questions.

For large policies, such as term insurance, several factors determine whether a life insurance medical exam is required. These may include the applicant’s age, the amount of coverage requested, the type of policy, the applicant’s family history, and any existing policies of the applicant.

Obtaining accurate medical information is an important part of the insurance process. In fact, some insurers will deny coverage to those who refuse to answer health questions or take an exam.

While this may seem uncomfortable, it can work to your advantage if you are in good health. For example, if you can answer “no” to all health questions on the application, you may be eligible for lower premiums.

Even if you have health concerns, most insurance companies have a special policy that you can qualify for, which helps ensure that the death benefit is easily processed when the time comes.

What to Expect from a Life Insurance Medical Exam

A life insurance medical exam is usually performed by a nurse or other medical professional and can often be completed at home or in the office as an added convenience.

In most cases, your healthcare provider will measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure, and take blood and urine samples. The most important component of the test is the blood test, which helps confirm the answers you provided on your insurance application. Most likely, your blood will be tested to:

Cholesterol levels

Indications of heart, liver or kidney disease

High blood pressure

tobacco use


Some insurance companies also require an electrocardiogram (ECG), especially if you are over 50, to measure heart health. Some insurance medical tests can run blood tests for tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs, so it’s important to be honest when completing your insurance application. Finally, the examiner may ask you about any medications you are currently using, so it is a good idea to prepare a list in advance.

What Happens After a Life Insurance Medical Exam

The results of the medical exam may take several weeks. Once the process is complete, copies of the results will be sent to the life insurance company and to you. The results will also be sent to a representative for approval, who will evaluate risk factors and determine if you are eligible for coverage and the cost of monthly premiums. The greater the number of risks identified during the examination, the higher the premium will be once the policy is issued. Some companies may also examine factors such as your criminal history and drug use to determine eligibility and rewards

Is it possible to buy life insurance without a visit to the doctor?

You should know that not all life insurance policies require a medical exam. There are options for those who do not wish to undergo a physical exam. In these cases, coverage is generally released based on the answers to the health questions on the application.

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How to Pass the Life Insurance Exam

How to pass the life insurance exam? 4 easy steps to follow!  

Are you wondering how to pass the life insurance exam? In four easy steps, you can pass the exam in no time. I’m sure you can do everything with ease; follow in the footsteps religiously.

If you plan to take a life insurance exam, you have made the right decision. With this, every time someone gets sick or dies, they will give the beneficiary a substantial sum of money to make up for any harmful event. It is a contract made so that the beneficiary does not have difficulty paying in the event of death.

To do this, you must first take an exam where you will have to pass and receive the insurance yourself. However, the money you will receive depends on the company. Regardless, let’s dig deeper as we read the article to learn more. You may also know some important terms that may be useful for future reference.

Steps to Pass the Life Insurance Exam

Before taking an exam or test, there should be guidelines and steps that you need to learn to pass the test. With these, you can use it as a consideration to earn it easily. It can be challenging, but at least you have an idea of ​​how to pass the life insurance exam:

Step 1. Get the exam outline, schedule and know the requirements

For each state, there are different requirements that they offer for you to take the exam. So, take note of the various tests, the different needs. An example of this is that you will be required to complete a pre-license education in order for you to take it. Therefore, prepare in advance so that it requires less hassle. Also print the exam outline.

Meeting the requirements early will make planning your test easier. Many people, especially those with special needs, line up for this exam. Therefore, it may take some time before your turn. Also, for most states, you can schedule the exam anytime you want. So, make sure you get it when you’re ready.

Step 2. Have a curriculum

If you want to pass, you will have to dedicate at least thirty to forty hours of study. Cramming is not recommended. Instead, schedule several weeks of study to prepare for the exam. Create a realistic schedule where you can keep it up to date; Dividing your study time into periods will allow you to absorb the content effectively.

Creating a study calendar will help you stick to your schedule. A study kit can also help you stay current and avoid last-minute problems. When you’re cramming, it’s easy to lose track of time. Also, it will be difficult to answer questions, especially if you are not on the same page as what you are answering.

Step 3. Follow the test pattern, prepare and practice

The exam status chart lists the different topics that will be covered and how they will be weighted. Below are the life insurance topics you are most likely to be asked about. For more information, read the following:

General notions of life insurance

Life insurance policies

Policy and options in life insurance coverage

Life Insurance Tax Issues


Tax issues in annuity policy

However, if you are taking a combined exam, there will also be insurance issues. With the outline, you can find out how many questions the test will include in each section. To master the most critical initiatives, focus on the most weighty questions and topics.

If you stick to that strategy, it will probably be more efficient, probably more effective. It will not cause you any pressure and will allow you to easily answer questions without having to worry.

On the other hand, taking prep exams online can also be an effective way to prepare. It can zoom in and give you an idea of ​​how the test works. Try not to fill them; Instead, trial and error are separate, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Step 4. Stay calm and take the test slowly

For this, there are factors that you should consider before taking the exam. So, here are some tips that we have prepared for you:

Read each question carefully and understand it completely

Find the questions you know

Don’t leave any questions blank, you could guess the correct answer

Panic won’t do any good during the exam. Instead, try to focus and put your hundred percent into taking the test; so you can finish it easily and without worries.

It’s a wrap!

Now you know how to pass the life insurance exam with these steps. After giving, they will tell you and you will receive instructions on how to process it. Wait a few days and voila, here is your insurance. My friends, it would be helpful if you also tried to read because insurance often offers peace of mind.


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