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4 Expert Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance

4 Expert Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance

The elation of bringing a new dog or cat into your home is hard to match. Welcoming a new member to your family promises years of affection and companionship. This holds true whether you acquired your pet from a local pet store or gave a loving home to a furry friend from a shelter or rescue. 

While pet insurance can prove beneficial for pets obtained through purchase, its significance is arguably even greater for those recently adopted.

The merits of pet insurance are abundant. In exchange for a modest monthly fee (often reduced if paid annually), pet owners can secure coverage for veterinary visits, medications, and even certain surgical procedures.

To maximize the benefits of such a plan, however, pet owners must grasp the reasons behind its necessity. To this end, there are several compelling rationales why pets, especially adopted ones, should be insured.

Below, we’ll delve into 4 Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance

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4 Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance

1. Uncertain Medical History:

If you’ve reared your dog or cat from their early days as a pup or kitten, you’re likely well-acquainted with their medical history and any existing conditions. However, when adopting a pet, especially one that’s a bit older, you won’t possess the same firsthand information as you would for a pet nurtured since their infancy.

In light of this information gap, the value of pet insurance becomes evident. Bearing the weight of hefty veterinary bills, treatments, and medications for unforeseen medical issues can be daunting, especially when you lack knowledge of when these issues might arise. This is where pet insurance comes in, providing a safety net against such expenses, often covering up to 90%, contingent on the policy and provider chosen. By insuring your newly adopted pet, you can be at ease, assured that in the face of unknown health issues, you’ll be safeguarded and reimbursed for the inevitable treatments they may require.

2. Escalating Costs with Time:

Whether your newly adopted companion is young or advanced in years, seeking pet insurance now or as soon as possible makes sense. With each passing year, pet insurance premiums tend to rise. As your pet ages, their health may decline, rendering them riskier candidates for insurance coverage. This increased risk often translates to higher premiums for owners.

To evade this cost escalation, taking proactive steps while expenses are still manageable proves advantageous. However, it’s essential not to wait until your pet falls ill to seek coverage. Many pet insurance providers enforce a mandatory waiting period before the coverage becomes effective. Thus, procrastinating until your pet is unwell might leave you without the coverage you need when you need it most, and it could also increase your expenses.

3. Expansive Coverage Opportunities:

Insuring your newly adopted pet promptly also presents the advantage of a wider array of coverage options. As your pet matures, certain policies and coverage items might become unavailable. Additionally, if your pet develops medical conditions prior to being insured, the provider typically won’t cover pre-existing conditions. This diminishes the policy’s value compared to what it could have been if obtained before the pet’s health deteriorated.

“A pre-existing condition refers to anything that occurs before enrollment or during the waiting period,” elucidates Fetch by The Dodo. “Similar to other providers, we don’t extend coverage to pre-existing conditions.”

Spot pet insurance shares a similar stance on these medical concerns.

“A pre-existing condition pertains to any injury or illness that manifests symptoms before the coverage begins or within the waiting period,” they clarify on their website. “A condition is categorized as pre-existing regardless of whether it’s formally diagnosed or treated; the crucial factor is when it first occurred or symptoms first emerged.”

Thus, acting now, prior to any latent medical conditions constraining your pet’s coverage options, is prudent. Utilize the provided table to juxtapose top providers in the market and identify the best fit for your pet.

Financial Peace Of Mind:

Unforeseen veterinary expenses can swiftly accumulate, evolving into a considerable financial strain. Pet insurance steps in to mitigate this pressure, extending financial assistance precisely when it’s most needed. Through an inclusive insurance package, the dilemma of prioritizing your cat’s health versus your financial resources dissipates. You’re empowered to make choices centered around your cat’s welfare, unburdened by concerns over expenses.

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Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance: FAQs

Why do pets need insurance?

Pets may need insurance to safeguard against unexpected medical costs, surgeries, and treatments. Insurance provides peace of mind and ensures pets receive proper care without financial strain.

What happens if you don’t have pet insurance?

Charitable Assistance: In the absence of a pet insurance policy, instances may arise where your pet requires costly veterinary care that surpasses your financial means. Thankfully, there exist charitable organizations dedicated to providing aid in such situations.

It’s important to note, however, that these charities are intended to support individuals receiving benefits or income support. Therefore, they should be reserved for those genuinely in need, and not accessed by individuals with the means to cover such expenses independently.

4 Expert Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance

Reasons Why Adopted Pets Need Pet Insurance: Conclusion 

Pet insurance serves as a valuable shield for dogs and cats spanning all ages and breeds. However, its potential benefits are particularly significant for newly adopted pets. Given the absence of precise medical history for adopted animals, obtaining pet insurance serves as a protective measure.

Yet, owners of recently adopted pets should also act promptly to capitalize on lower costs and more comprehensive coverage alternatives. Delaying this step until your pet ages might result in higher payments for lesser coverage. Thus, waste no time in securing insurance for your recently adopted pet.

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