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Verizon Mobile Protect – The new mobile security and management feature from Verizon Wireless is designed to be your wire-free security blanket for your most valued possession—your smartphone.

If a break, drop, or liquid spill occurs, they will replace your damaged device so you can continue to enjoy the features of your smartphone without the hassle or cost of repair or replacement.

You’ll also receive software updates that could improve the performance of your device in both security and functionality. In addition, Verizon Mobile Protect – which is available via a monthly subscription service fee – includes 24/7 customer service taking care of you when other support services won’t: virus scanning, smart lock visit notification, remote location services, lost phone locating, and locking capabilities and the option for remote wiping (erasing on behalf of our clients instead), should an unfortunate circumstance like theft or loss occur.

2 in 3 smartphone owners experienced some type of damage in the past year

Verizon Wireless sells a mobile phone insurance program called Mobile Protect. It provides coverage for loss, theft, and damage. Learn more about how it works in this post.

What is Verizon Mobile Protect?

Verizon Mobile Protect is a service that helps protect your smartphone. It provides protection against loss, theft, hardware issues, and data breach. The service also provides access to the My Verizon app, which provides you with an array of helpful information.

Verizon Mobile Protect also offers advanced features such as remote locking and locating, anti-theft alerts, and device tracking.

Verizon Wireless offers insurance on its phones through Asurion, a third-party provider. Asurion offers several options for device protection. You can get coverage for one year or two years at a time, deductibles ranging from $100 to $199, and replacement units that are either refurbished or new. The deductible is waived if you purchase an extended warranty on the device itself through Verizon Wireless.

What does Verizon mobile protect cover

Verizon Mobile Protect is a service that offers protection against accidental damage, loss and theft. You can purchase a Verizon Wireless plan with Mobile Protect included or you can add it separately after you’ve purchased your device.

Verizon mobile protect covers

  • When you purchase a new handset on or need a replacement smartphone, you can get setup and delivery on the same day.
  • Unlimited cracked screen repair at $29 each time you need it.
  • At a Verizon-approved repair shop, batteries can be replaced for specific smartphones.
  • Their 24/7 Tech Coach expert support to help optimize your device and connect your smart home speakers.
  • Experts in security are available around-the-clock to assist you maximize your digital security and privacy tools and fix security flaws that could jeopardize your online privacy and personal identification.
  • Deep cleanings and diagnostics to optimize speed, performance and battery life through Unlimited device refresh.
  • Get connected 24/7 with live tech support

Verizon Mobile Protect includes Wireless Phone Protection, Verizon Extended Warranty, and Mobile Secure (each available separately).

Yes Verizon mobile protect worth it. A confirmation that Verizon mobile protect worth it is the above video testimony. If you are a kind of person that frequently let your drop to the ground or have other accidents, Verizon Protect is worth the cost. Many individuals find it worthwhile if they have a costly phone that they wish to preserve. However, many of the Verizon Protect’s ancillary advantages aren’t critical enough to justify the price until 2022.

Does Verizon mobile protect worth it?
Does Verizon mobile protect worth it?

Who is eligible for Verizon Mobile Protect?

You must sign up for Verizon Mobile Protect within 30 days of one of the following incidents in order to be eligible for verizon phone protection plan

  1. Purchase a new device or an update, then activate it on a fresh or current line.
  2. Bring your own eligible gadget that satisfies the requirements listed below:
  • MUST be damage-free and completely operational (including liquid or cracked screens) and without flaws or problems.
  • Not stolen or lost
  • Must be activated on for a new line (not an existing line)

You must meet the aforementioned criteria for Verizon Mobile Protect in order to be eligible for Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device, and your account must have three or less lines—but not more than ten—with eligible devices.

If you are bringing your own device for Verizon Mobile Protect you need to check their device compatibility before you sign up for a new line.

Verizon mobile protect enrollment

How do I enroll in Verizon Mobile Protect?

You can sign up on the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon or in a Verizon store if your device or account is qualified.

Website of Verizon for me Click at all available Add-ons. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting Get it now next to Verizon Mobile Protect.

The Verizon My App Tap Learn More after scrolling to the Device Protection section. For the lines you want to be covered, tap Enroll. Choose Verizon Mobile Protect, then proceed as instructed.

Note: You must choose the Account Owner line if you want to sign up for Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device.

How to remove Verizon mobile protect?

All device protection options are charged straight to your mobile account and automatically renew each month until they are cancelled. Anytime you choose, you can opt out of the device protection service and get a prorated refund of your monthly fee.

On the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon, you may always cancel Verizon Mobile Protect from your account. You’ll get a prorated refund of your monthly fee when you cancel.

If you want to switch to a different device protection option, DO NOT uninstall Verizon Mobile Protect. If you do, you risk losing your eligibility for device protection. Instead, sign up for the device protection solution you choose on the Add-ons and apps tab in My Verizon. During the enrolling process, you will be asked to remove Verizon Mobile Protect.

If you discontinue Verizon Mobile Protect, your existing device will no longer be qualified for Verizon Mobile Protect or any other device protection service, unless it satisfies the eligibility criteria.

How do I claim Verizon total mobile protection?

You can file a claim Verizon mobile protection by visiting this Asurion’s website. You can also call Asurion on (888) 881-2622 and they will help you claim your Verizon total mobile protection plan.

You can Also file a claim through the My Verizon app, submit a claim: In the top left corner, tap the Menu symbol. Tap Device Tap Manage device after scrolling to the lost, stolen, or damaged device. Tap Device damaged, stolen, or lost? Launch a claim.

Does Verizon mobile protect cover lost phones

Yes, Verizon Wireless has a Mobile Protection Pack that covers lost or stolen mobile phones.

The Mobile Protection Pack is an optional service sold in addition to your wireless service plan. There are two levels of coverage available:

$14 or $17 per month depending on the device a single device and $50 for Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device.

Yes, it does. Total Mobile Protection covers cracked screens, but only if you purchased the additional cover within 14 days of purchasing your device.

If you don’t have an additional cover, then you’ll need to pay an excess fee to repair or replace your phone.

If you have Total Mobile Protection, then any damage caused by drops or falls will be covered by the plan at no cost to you.

Does Verizon Protect Cover Water Damage?

Yes, Water damage is covered by Verizon Protect, and you can even get a new replacement gadget the same day the damage happens!

Additionally, typical smartphone users worry a lot about water damage, so Verizon Protect’s water damage insurance alone might be worth the cost. This is one of the reasons why Mobile Phone insurance is worth it.

Verizon Mobile Protection deductible

Verizon Wireless offers a number of smartphone insurance plans to help protect you and your phone.

For all non-New York customers, the deductible for a replacement claim will be $19/$129/$189/$229/$249, depending on device.

For New York customers, the deductible for a replacement claim will be $19/$49/$99/$149/$229, depending on device.

For all customers with a smartphone that is eligible for cracked screen repair, the deductible is $29 per approved claim (except for TMP MD for Business customers – their cracked screen repair deductible is $19 per approved claim) (limitations and exclusions apply).

Although most people won’t find these extra functions beneficial for the monthly fee, Verizon Protect does offer features like identity theft monitoring, Wi-Fi protection, and data security.

How does Verizon Mobile Protect provide coach technical support?

You can optimize your smartphone and connect it to almost anything with Verizon Mobile Protect because you get live, on-demand access to Tech Coach professionals. All you need do is to go to the 24/7 Tech Coach expert support on My Verizon phone App

Additionally, Tech Coach experts are accessible from your eligible smart home speaker, making it simple to conduct web searches or chat with a specialist when you don’t have access to a smartphone.


What is Mobile protect?

Mobile protect is a feature that protects your device from unexpected accidents. It can also help you track your mobile phone if it’s lost or stolen.

Mobile protect is included in your monthly bill, and there’s no limit on the number of claims you can make.

Mobile protect is available in 3 different versions:

Mobile protect Free version that includes all the basic features of mobile protect as well as a feature called “App Lock” that allows you to lock any application on your device with a password of your choice. This can be useful if you want to prevent someone from accessing specific apps like Facebook or Snapchat on your phone without your permission.

Mobile protect Premium – $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year subscription which gives you access to the premium version of mobile protect plus other advanced features such as remote lock/wipe, location tracking, call blocking etc…

Mobile Protect Plus – $4.99 per month or $34.99 per year subscription which gives you access to all premium features plus additional services such as 1GB online backup space and unlimited cloud storage for photos/videos taken with your phone’s camera.

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Verizon Mobile Protect Frequently Asked Question

What does the Verizon mobile protection plan cover?

In addition to post-warranty issues, Verizon Mobile Protect covers loss, theft, damage, and other issues. Additional advantages include the following: When you purchase a new handset on or need a replacement smartphone, you may get setup and delivery the same day.

Verizon Mobile Protect Multi Device

$50 for Monthly Verizon Mobile Protect Multi Device

Same-day setup and replacement
Receive and set up your replacement equipment the same day it is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Verizon Mobile Protect Multi Device

Cracked screen repair: You may get limitless repairs for $29 per time if the screen of your qualified smartphone ever breaks or cracks.

With experienced 24/7 Tech Coach support

Parting Words

So if you’re looking for a way to take some of the stress out of owning a new phone and keep your family safe, Verizon has you covered.

This would be useful for those who are often on their mobile phones and worry about losing them. It will be a good service for someone who doesn’t have any back-up phone or insurance for their mobile phones.

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