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Renae Tolbert Charged With Stealing French Bulldog Puppy

Woman charged with stealing French Bulldog puppy and trying to steal another dog

A woman was arrested for stealing a French Bulldog from someone with whom she had bargained to buy it, and for trying to steal another dog from another victim.

Gwinnett County police have arrested a woman accused of stealing a French Bulldog puppy and attempting to steal another dog from a sale.

According to the police, Renae Tolbert was accused of attempting to kidnap dogs from two different people and is charged with robbery by abrupt snatching and criminal attempt to robbery.

Renae Tolbert Charged With Stealing French Bulldog Puppy
Renae Tolbert Charged With Stealing French Bulldog Puppy

According to police, Tolbert set up a meeting with a vendor in the parking lot of the 3300 block of Centerville Road in Snellville on July 26. There are several businesses at that address, including a restaurant.

According to police, Tolbert asked the seller if he could hold the dog and take a look at him. According to police, he got into his car and drove away.

The second victim spoke to the police officers who knew the first victim. The second victim told the officers that an hour earlier she had made an appointment at the same location to sell the dog. The seller and Tolbert met online, and Tolbert allegedly tried to make off with the dog, but was stopped by the second suspect and returned the dog.

“When doing business online, it is always a good idea to meet in a public place,” the Gwinnett County Police Department said in a statement. “We urge our residents to be very cautious in these transactions and ensure they know who the other person is, whether they are the buyer or the seller.”

Gwinnett County detectives are continuing their investigation and Tolbert is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail.

Gwinnett County Police have not released any information on the whereabouts of the stolen puppy.

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Tolbert or a similar crime is asked to contact Gwinnett County Police at 770-513-5300.

In previous years, we have recorded thefts of French bulldogs.
This breed can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and is becoming increasingly popular.

According to the American Kennel Club, the French bulldog is the second most popular dog breed by 2021.

The reason why French bulldogs are often targeted by thieves.

There are in high demand

French bulldogs are one of the “breeds” of the 21st century: they are much loved by owners and lovers for their sweet, flat, affectionate faces.

But the greater the demand for them, the greater their risk of being stolen, says Brandi Hunter, vice president of public relations and communications for the American Kennel Club.

“Small breeds are more attractive to thieves, and French bulldogs are very popular right now.” – Hunter tells CNN. “The demand for this breed is greater than the supply, so they are often targeted.

How To Care for A Pregnant French Bulldog (VIDEO) 11

They are small and easy to steal.

Their size makes them a relatively easy target. According to the AKC, a French Bulldog can weigh up to 28 pounds and be up to 8 feet tall.
“They are easy to capture and catch,” – Stillwell said. “When people leave their dogs, regardless of breed, unattended in their yard, they are easy to catch.

They are expensive
Because the breed is in high demand, French bulldog puppies can cost anywhere from $5000 to $12,000 or more, Hunter said, which is a narrow price range for many potential French bulldog owners.

“Thieves generally know how popular these dogs are, how much they cost, and how much people are willing to pay for them,” – Hunter says.
Because of their value, some people steal French bulldogs for breeding, says Stilwell.

“If they are not neutered, they make good breeders, so people can make money on their puppies,” he says.

How to prevent your French Bulldog from being stolen

1. Be extra vigilant
A spokesman for the Kennel Club said, “Unfortunately, the demand for certain breeds has increased dramatically, which means that dog theft has increased. The theft of a dog is a traumatic experience for the owner. We urge people to be vigilant and take basic precautions to protect their dogs.”

2. Make sure your dog is microchipped
“Dog owners should make sure their dogs are microchipped and that their details are registered and up-to-date on a microchip database such as Petlog,” says the Kennel Club. This means that, in the worst case scenario, dogs can be returned to their owners without any problems.

3. Equip your dog with a GPS tracking collar.
With a GPS collar, you can always find your dog.

4. Protect your property
Homeowners should ensure that their home and property are adequately secured. Consider planting tall hedges to make the garden more secluded, and let the dog play in the backyard instead of the front yard.

5. Don’t tie the dog up in front of the shop.
The Kennel Club advises taking precautions such as “not leaving the dog tied up outside a shop or other public place, keeping the dog under control and making sure it is visible when walking, and making sure the dog is well trained and returns when called.”

6. Don’t leave the dog alone in the car.
Just as we don’t leave valuables in the car, we should do the same with our dogs. For health reasons, it is also not advisable to leave dogs in the car, especially in hot weather.

7. Train your dogs to fetch and/or use extension cords.
Teach your dogs to come home when and where they are called, as they run off on walks without you seeing them. Until the call is good enough, use an extension cord on walks.

8. Report any suspicious activity
A Kennel Club spokesman said, “If dog owners observe any suspicious activity, they should report it to the police.”

9. Routine avoidance
If you have heard that dog thefts are increasing in your area, it may be wise to avoid walking your dogs and take alternative routes. This way, potential thieves will not know where your dog may be at certain times.

10. Take a walk with a friend
Contact a friend and walk your dogs together if you think they will be safer if there are more of you. For now, you can do this with restrictions.

11. Avoid tagging the place on social media.
We all like to share photos of our dogs on social media, but this can give potential thieves the opportunity to find out where you live and what your dog’s habits are.

12. Your Dog Having Puppies
Puppies are more attractive to thieves because they are not microchipped, do not have tags and can be sold at a higher price. Therefore, be very careful.

13. If your dog is a stray.
You should be especially careful if your dog is a purebred, as they are the most sought after.

14. Neutering. To prevent a stolen dog from being used for breeding, it is best to euthanise or neuter it when it is old enough, says Stilwell.

Woman Charged With Stealing French Bulldog Puppy
Woman Charged With Stealing French Bulldog Puppy

What to do if a French bulldog is stolen?

If the worst happens and your French bulldog is stolen, report it to the police immediately. Also report it to your local dog warden, vet, animal shelter and other relevant authorities, including the microchipping company.

Disclose information about your dog – including the photos above – as widely and quickly as possible. Use national lost property registries, community groups, social media and anything else you can think of.

This increases the likelihood of someone finding your dog at the burglar’s home and may even let the burglar themselves know that their dog is being actively sought, which increases the likelihood that they will be returned to an animal shelter or decide that they are more trouble than they deserve to be kept.

There are many groups and websites for French Bulldogs, as well as social networking sites, which often have very proactive groups that can identify other French Bulldogs in your area and keep an eye out for new or strange dogs that suddenly appear with a new owner.

The sooner and more widely a French Bulldog is reported stolen, the more likely it is to be found whole and healthy.

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